Pan left/right by complete timespan

I try do display values for one month, and I would expect the “left” and “right” arrows next to the maginfying glass to move backwards/forward by one complete month. But in my setup they just pan half the shown distance, which is useless for my needs.

Is it possible to change the behaviour to pan using the full timeframe and not just half of it?

I.e., I want to scroll through the months, and I expect to see a complete month after each click.


It is not configurable:

But you can still build your customized Grafana without / 2.

I would think that my application is a regular use case, and in my opinion this should be configurable without creating a custom build. But thanks for letting me know that I was not too stupid :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and I have modified the file /usr/share/grafana/public/app/core/utils/timePicker.ts removing /2. After that, I have restarted grafana-server service but it still doesn’t work. What else do I have to do? Thanks in advanced.