Overrides is clearing out all vars when I only want one Variable to be updated

I have 3 varables on my DashBoard.




I also have a text pannel with this as the OUTPUT for debugging:

There are 3 pannels

PanA-Groups is a text pannel that has Fields:

  • GroupID

  • location_ids ( ann array )

There is a GroupID override that does:


PanB-Locations_Array, table

has just one column which is populated from the Locations_ID arrray from master.

The Data field in PanB is: ${location_ids_array}

When a Row in the PANB table is clicked, var-location_ids_array=${__data.fields.locationIDs} is executed, and PanB displays array of LocationsID’s as desired.

I also Have a

DEBUG-VARS Text Panel that displays when PanA is clicked and I believe the Variables are set correctly:


So… all is working to this point. However…

PanB also has an Override:


When PanB row is clicked PanB goes blank and I get this as:



Notice that variables: GroupID, Location_id_array and location_id_selected all equal the same thing… which is wrong. I want each var to preserve its previous value.


How do I change PanB behavior so that only

var-location_id_selected=b946c91f-6404-4d37-b30d-0fd3bc7fd6fd is added to the Varables and none of the other vars are updated.