Only two users in ldap?

Hi, I have a problem. I would like to configure that Ldap users will enter only if they have an account created in graffana previously. When setting up the Ldap, when I set allow_sign_up = false.
I get an error “Not allowing ldap login, user not found in internal user database and allow signup = false”. I’ve also noticed that it only accepts two ldap users.
Do I need a paid version?
Or what may be happening?

Does the user exist in Grafana? It looks like . it does not exist

Of course they exist.
I’ll start at the beginning.
To take into account 5 local users in graffiti, then I configure the ldap and “allow_sign_up = false”, the first user is connected by the ldap password. Everything perfect so far, the second is connected and it works. the third one arrives and he gives me that error. Then try putting “allow_sign_up = false” to true in the grafana.ini file.
Now connect the third user k could not enter using the ldap password. And a new user is created, without a name and without an icon. (Which is what is less) but then, even when you find “allow_sign_up = true” and there are two equal users (the one created by me, and the one created automatically by the LDAP), the third user still can not enter.
I have done several checks, but nevertheless, however, there is no way to pay.
Or that I’m getting lost?