Only alert for devices which are in production use (and not in stock)

We have a number of iot sensors which create prometheus metrics via some exporter. These sensors don’t know, if they are in production use or lying in stock waiting for being used.

Initially those devices create some noise so prometheus exporter will see them from now on and prometheus gets some data.

At a certain point this data gets outdated and we are firing a alert as there might be something wrong with that specific sensor.

So neither exporter nor prometheus know about the devices state if it is in prodution ore in stock.

The idea is to manage an inventory (e.g. CVS data source or JSON ore something else) to hold either a whole inventory with device_id and state or a blacklist/ whitelist of devices, which should create alerts due to some failure.

Is this even an idea we can solve with Grafana Alerts? Or is this just a stupid idea and I have to go different way?