Official support of Power PPC

I would know if an official support of Loki for pwerpc is possible.

I have built Loki on a ppc64le Linux machine, and it works without any modification following the Readme (go build in the right folder).

I have run test suite using make test. I must use protobuf or build myself Docker image of “loki-build-image”, because it is available only for x86. I build Docker image; I must remove the “delve” dependency as it is x86 only, and so build is OK.

Testsuite results has 2 failing tests, but they vary from a run to another, and all tests are OK when I run go test or go test -covermode=atomic -coverprofile=coverage.txt -mod=vendor -p=4 (command used by make test) in the right directory. Do you face this kind of issue?

So, do you plan to officially support ppc64le and to provide related images?