[Off-Topic] K6 stickers

Hello :slight_smile:

I love the ‘new’ K6 Cloud, and its focus on providing the best developer experience
for load testing. The awesome-k6 page is cool and initiatives like the #intros Slack channel are important for an OSS community. But I miss something, I miss stickers!

Stickers are an important part of an Open Source community, they show our affiliation and respect for a project [0].

Right now K6 logo is available at the repo [1]. But…

  • It’s ok to self-print stickers? [2]
  • Any guidelines?
  • Thoughts on providing an official way to ‘get’ stickers? [3]

Note: K6 :crocodile: in sticker/logo format would be incredible. I like the one jabbing JMeter :innocent:

Lastly, I think that having some kind of reward for K6 contributors, like the Opsdroid project does [4]could make a difference. Hard-earned stickers are the best [5].

[0] opensource .com/business/15/11/open-source-stickers
[1] github .com/loadimpact/k6/blob/master/logo.svg
[2] Using something Sticker Mule or RedBubble
[3] Examples:

  • Github - github.myshopify .com/products/octodex-sticker-packs
  • DevSWAG - devswag .com/collections/all?page=3
  • Cloud Native Computer Foundation - store .cncf.io/collections/all

[4] Contributor Sticker Packs. I am excited to announce that we now… | by Jacob Tomlinson | opsdroid | Medium
[5] Personal example here. First-time contribution. I was happy about fixing my issue and improving a project that I usually use, but if maintainers take the effort to send me some stickers… I will gladly put some of them on my laptop lid, speak about the project in case someone needs a Pythonic chat-bot framework and be x5 happy.

(Sorry for the link hacks. I can only put 2 for being new to the k6 community forum)


Great idea! :clap:t3:

This is an area where we should and want to do more. We’ve been quite busy with the rebranding lately, but something along the lines of this suggestion is definitely on our radar going forward!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the quick response!

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I just noticed that I forgot to answer two of the questions:

Please, by all means; go ahead! :+1:

As long as you dont make money out of it, or alter it without getting approval prior to printing, I’d say it’s fine.

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Ditto to this! I was going to ask for a bunch of stickers to give out our Test Meetup. Please let me know when you start to do them! Test Talks Wales | Meetup

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