Obtaining unique ID from user sign in

Hi all,

Bit of a odd one here and not sure if it is possible but thought I would check.

So in short, I have a website for clients where I have unique information relevant to each client. My plan is to use a different I-frame on the website for each of the clients dashboards. When the client signs in to Grafana with their unique user and password, is there any way that I can pull some form of User ID, so that I can then use this in the back-end of the website to direct them to their unique I-frame (web page) that contains their dashboard information.

Thank you!

Not too clear what your setup is, but if you hit the “actual user” API endpoint with a valid Grafana cookie, the payload will contain the user’s unique ID.

(btw the documentation says that you need basic auth for that endpoint, but that’s not true in practice)