Oauth users and internal users

Dear Colleagues,

We’ve connected Generic_Oauth via OKTA and our employees can sign up after auth.
But we also have some external users that can authenticate via plain username/password.

Question: when I send Invite to user, it will sign up and set user and password so that this guy can use them for signing in.
But when I do provisioning via OAuth, user can sign in only via SSO and has no login password.

How to find users that can auth via plain password and the ones that can auth only via SSO ?
I do not see any flags in Users tab and do not have clue how to check this via DB.

Please assist


You can query the sqlite database to get this info using a join between tables user and user_auth :

To connect to grafana.db (if you are using default sqlite3), just use :


Hope it helps.

Good Luck