Numeric range selection from Dashboard instead of time range

I want to plot non timeseries data, for that I am creating new DataSource Plugin and Panel Plugin.
Also from Dashboard I want to select a numeric range instead of the current time range picker, is that possible?
Is it possible to customize grafana to plot non time series data?

Hi @sathar6 there are certainly ways you can achieve this. But not for example, overwriting the date picker in the grafana dashboard. Here are some ideas of how you can accomplish this:

  • Create a Grafana App or a Grafana Scenes app that has all the UI you want for your specific use case. It’ll give you all the space to create all your custom components and selectors, but you will have to do the leg work of putting the panels with the visualisations and queries in place.
  • Create a panel plugin -or a tab or button that changes the mode in your existing panel from display to select- that allows you to select the numeric range you wish and set the value in a query parameter of the url and then read the value. You can also use a custom query variable so it becomes available directly in the query of any datasource (no need for custom code in your datasources)

Is it possible to customize grafana to plot non time series data?

Grafana is capable of rendering any type of data, not only time series. There are plenty of panels and datasources that return things such as JSON API requests or merely numbers: e.g. stats, weather, news, diagrams, etc…

Is there anyway to customize the Dashboard itself? Without going to use Grafana App, Because with Grafana App we need to do all the leg work of adding panels.