Number of items shown in a template dropdown

Please pardon me if I overexplain… I want to make sure I give all the relevant information. I have v 4.5.2 working with 2 OpenTSDB instances. I am creating templates based on queries to one of those instances. The variables nest in this way:

location:  tag_values(octetsIn,location)
host:  tag_values(octetsIn,host,location=$location)
interface:  tag_values(octetsIn,interface,host=$host,location=$location)

Now, I can verify that location #3, for example, has 106 hosts in it. But when I select it, I see only 49 items in the hosts list. I can type in one of the missing ones and view the dashboard for it, but it doesn’t appear in the list.


  1. Is this behavior intentional?
  2. Is there a way to increase the number of items visible in the list?