NTLM Authentication not working

Does anyone facing any issue in NTLM Authentication?
The below code is not working -

{"GET", "http://domain\\username:password@example.com/"}})

ERROR - net/url: invalid userinfo at native

Hi @vishal.lanke,

Have you seen this example?

Also keep in mind that NTLM won’t work with HTTP/2.

Yes, I followed this example.
const username = 'user';

Ideally, this would be const username = 'domain\userName';

On Loadimpact blog, it has mentioned to use domain\\userName Double slash, instead of single.

I also tried that, but its not working

When I gave , I got error in response as {
When I use \, I got error as net/url: invalid userinfo at native


I’ve tested it, and apparently it’s a bug in handling username that contains a domain name. I’ve filed a report. Feel free to upvote:

@vishal.lanke can you try by replacing / with %2F as in username%2Fdomain

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Thanks a lot for your help
Yes , sure