Notification Policy access for "Viewers"


We are using the Grafana Community Edition as a docker image deployment.

We wanted to provide a few users access to the “Notification Policy” option. We can see that if we enable “Editor” role for the user, the user can get access to “Notification Policy”, but also gets access to additional features such as all the “Contact Points” will be visible to the user. which we do not want to.

Is there a way we can provide a user with “Viewer” role access to “Notification Policy” alone?

Thank you.

Create team, configure permissions for that team (e. g view notification policies from alerting, I guess there is this kind of permission) and add selected users to that team.

Hello @jangaraj, thank you for taking time to review and suggesting the solution.

Unfortunately the permissions mentioned in the URL is about the user permissions with in the team.

But how can we adjust a Team permission so that this Team has only access to the Notification Policies alone? (We are using the Opensource Edition of Grafana)

Not sure if I am missing something.

Yeah, you are correct - that will not help in your case. Enterprise users have RBAC on the team level:

But RBAC is not available for community edition.