Not able to add Alert

I am getting this error while adding the Alert:

Failed to evaluate queries and expressions: failed to execute conditions: input data must be a wide series but got type long (input refid)
Trace ID: 0c933f373e1263a5

can you help me resolve this issue?

this is the query I am using:

Select Parcel_id, time,DATEDIFF(day,time,DATE) as Days_After_Receival from ( Select distinct Pe.Parcel_id, D.Name as Client,L.BarCode as Origin ,TO_DATE(min(case when pe.EXTERNAL_EVENT_CODE ='Received' then convert_timezone('America/Los_Angeles', pe.EVENT_DATE) else NULL end)) as time ,TO_DATE(convert_timezone('America/Los_Angeles', current_timestamp())) as DATE from AT_TMS_1.PUBLIC.SF_PARCEL_EVENTS Pe LEFT JOIN AT_TMS_1.PUBLIC.SF_PARCELS P on p.ID=Pe.Parcel_Id LEFT JOIN AT_TMS_1.PUBLIC.SF_LOCATIONS L on P.ORIGIN_LOCATION_ID=L.Id LEFT JOIN TMS.PUBLIC.SF_DOMAINS D on P.DOMAIN_ID=D.Id where Pe.Parcel_Id not in (Select distinct Parcel_Id from AT_TMS_1.PUBLIC.SF_PARCEL_EVENTS where EXTERNAL_EVENT_CODE in ('Delivered','DeliveredtoNeighbor') or Parcel_status in (4,5,6)) --and OriginLocationId is not NULL group by Pe.Parcel_id,P.DOMAIN_ID,P.ORIGIN_LOCATION_ID,L.BarCode,D.Name) a where time is not null and Origin is not NULL order by time asc;

@nishanttanwar welcome to the :grafana: community!

What does the query response look like from your SQL query? You’ll want to check that the return values are not strings.