No data for query when trying to create Forecast

Hi, I am trying to create new Forecast in Grafana, and I was following instructions: Tutorial | Grafana Labs, but there is a problem after running Query: sum(grafanacloud_instance_active_series), I do not see any data, I am not sure why.

Please let us know which version of Grafana you are running, which Operating
System you are running it on, and which back-end data store you are using.

Any additional information you can provide which would help someone else to
reproduce the problem you are experiencing would be a good idea.



I am really new with Grafana and everything here.
So here are the info:

  • Grafana v8.2.2-39068 (183fe28769)
  • OS Windows 10
  • I am not sure about last one, but when I go to DS in Grafana, I use JSON and my data is stored in phpMyAdmin DB.


I had expected to see one of the following as your back-end data source: