No buffer space available

when executing k6 on macOS, i get errors:

Request failed … write tcp>x.x.x.x:443: write: no buffer space available

Can you advise what is the problem here, as i cant seem to get above 10 req/sec


Hi @cneal

Welcome to the community forum :wave:

Can you share more details of how you are running k6 on macOS?

  • Are you installing from binary or using docker? Can you share the command you run?
  • Can you share your (sanitized) script? It will help spot where the issue is.
  • Can you also share the complete (sanitized) output of your script? It’s important to review the complete error (line of the script where it fails, if there are other messages, etc.).

You might have reached the limit of FDs (File Descriptors) in your OS, and we can help pinpoint this or any other causes. If you are running a large test, have a look at Running large tests. Without more context it’s difficult to say.