Ngalert - Can alert email sending per instant or host?

I’m using Grafana v8.0.3 on CentOS7 with ngalert enabled.

Try to collects perfomance metric eg. cpu, mem, disk, network if, etc. from thousand workstations and need grafana send alert when CPU usage reached more than 80%.

I created an alert rule with below query and expression

When more than 1 computers reached threshold.

I got 1 email alert within 2 hosts

My question is can we split alert email per host?

For example.
Email 1 - Alert for computer1
Email 2 - Alert for computer 2
Email 3 - Alert for computer 3

And after computer1 stage back to ‘Normal’ can we get an email with ‘Resolved’ for only computer1? Not by waiting computer 1,2,3 all back to ‘Normal’ then get a ‘Resolved’ email.

Thank you.

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Hi @goomond

I think this might fall under a feature request. I like it. I think you should start a discussion in the repo for the enhancement.

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