Newbie looking for info

Hi all,

I’ve just started to play with graphana. Still very much getting to grips with it. Not formally trained, just learning bits as I go.

I’m trying to build a dash which is going OK.

But I’m hitting an issue.

We currently use ipmi_exporter to gather data from systems we manage. I would like to create a count that works as follows.

System 1 has 6 fans. Impi_fan_RPM is collected.

I would like to use the rmp to determine if the fan is running/working or not and then use that in a count.

So if one of the fans stops/begins to fail and the rmp drops below say 1000RPM it would remove one count from the fan count.

How would I go about achieving this?

Might be able to use Grafana Alerting for reacting to the <1000 RPM event: Alerting | Grafana documentation