Newbie: graphs 60 solarpanels power sensors 'sensor.power' in W error

Adding 60 queries, I get a ‘Request URL is too long’ response, how can I simplify the queries?
The sensor series names are


Why do you have 60 queries

I created one query for each panel, 60 panels, 60 queries.

How can I simplify the queries?
Preferably, one query for all sensors starting with ‘sensor.power_’?

  1. Is this using influxdb and flux query language or influxql?

  2. Do you have tags associatied with each data point/measurement

  3. Do you need to see 60 panels for comparison purposes?

You could simplify yhings by using one panel for all of them with a dropndown to select one sensor at a time?

  1. InfluxDB on an RPi 4B 8GB with SSD
    Home Assistant 2023.4.6
    Supervisor 2023.04.1
    Operating System 10.0
    Frontend 20230411.1 - latest
    InfluxDB version: 4.6.0
  2. No tags just yet, reliable reading of each panel was achieved only yesterday
  3. Yes, seeing all 60 panels will enable me to detect trends and outliers
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Tags are indexed fields are not. It might help performance

I think the one panel approach might be the best way to see trends and outliers in one visualization . Maybe create another dashboard with one panel one query to see if it is worth it.

60 is not scaling properly