New panel plugin - Carpet plot


Thanks for the plugin Petr.

I have just one question, which is how do you set the custom colours?
For each colour row there seems to be a square between the colour number and breakpoint. When selecting it, it doesn’t appear to do anything. Is this supposed to be a colour selector?


Yes, it’s a color selector. Same is used for selecting Null color. Are you able to select that?
Which version of grafana are you using? It should work with 4.6.x. There has been some change recently. According to the authors the backward compatibility should be preserved, but anything is possible.
Could you also take a look into console (F12) if there is some error displayed and post it?
Which browser are you using?


Since my last post, I upgraded from 4.5.2 to 4.6.3 to see if that helped, but I now get additional errors through the Chrome console which I was not previously receiving.
Before upgrading, I had tried it in Edge browser with the same result.

Here is the Chrome error.

Plugin component error Error: interpolateRgbBasis is not a function
  Loading plugins/petrslavotinek-carpetplot-panel/module
    at eval (:3000/public/plugins/petrslavotinek-carpetplot-panel/libs/d3-scale-chromatic/ramp.js:9)
    at Object.execute (:3000/public/plugins/petrslavotinek-carpetplot-panel/libs/d3-scale-chromatic/diverging/BrBG.js:18)
    at O (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at E (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at E (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at E (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at E (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at E (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at A (:3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1)
    at :3000/public/build/0.be20b78823b4c9d93a84.js:1


I submitted pull request two weeks ago that should fix this error but it hasn’t been merged yet. In the meantime you can download new version directly from github ( and just replace the files.


Thank you for the reply. I have manually downloaded and copied the files, but with the same result.

I am running Grafana in Docker. Could it have to do with the path?
In my error, it shows
But in my Grafana, it shows


As Petr’s comment on GitHub, clearing the browser cache has worked. It’s now all working.


I would be extremely interested in this kind of non-histogram-based, multiple series heatmap panel!


Thanks for the plugin, Petr… it has been extremely useful for visualizing the data from my weather station.
I have a couple questions or maybe suggestions (if it’s not possible to do this in the plugin presently).
Is it possible to scale the color choices based on two variables? I have a chart for wind direction and I’d like to scale the color brightness (or transparency) by the wind speed, because when the wind speed is really low it kind of comes from any direction and I’m trying to pay attention to where the stronger wind comes from.
Is there a way to accumulate data vertically? I also use your carpetplot for rainfall intensity and it would be interesting to have another plot to see the accumulated amount across the day.