New Grafana 8.0 alerting API shows endpoints not implemented

  • I am using Grafana 8.0.3, with the ngalert enabled.
    Posting a request to ‘’, as documented in the swagger web-page “Swagger Editor”, returns a 501 HTTP error as response, and a message: “endpoint not implemented”. Having instead the GET request worked, this seems to mean a POST request is not accepted yet by the server and needs development. Am I right?
    This is the json payload I have sent through POST:
      "annotations": {
        "__panelId__": "2"
      "endsAt": "2021-06-24T11:17:03.633Z",
      "startsAt": "2021-06-23T10:53:02.000Z",
      "generatorURL": "http://localhost:3000/alerting/lWQf63g7k/edit",
      "labels": {
        "__alert_rule_uid__": "lWQf63g7k",
        "alertname": "some_name"

So, is there something wrong with the json or these feature is just WIP?
Thank you

The endpoint you were hitting with a POST would be to create alerts, not alerting rules, in the embedded alertmanager. It is possible that we may implement this in the future but, for the time being, the only way to generate alerts is by creating alerting rules and having them generated through regular evaluation.

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