NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource

I’m by no means a database person or particularly network savvy. However I’ve been asked to look into standing up Grafana with access to an elasticsearch data source (all running via localhost).

I followed the instructions on installation/setup for Grafana (which I think is correct) and I know that Elasticsearch is setup correctly with data becauseI see it in Kibana (which is what were currently using).

The issue is (after setting up my data source) when I create a dashboard I get the error:
“NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource”.

I’d appreciate any help, Thanks.

Here is what my setup looks like for the data source:

Don’t use Access: Browser, use server instead.

Fadjar Tandabawana

I have the same error, my setup is:
docker container running - i am able to access my es cluster via localhost:9200


when i use server Access, i get a 502 error

what am i missing?

any advice is much appreciated