Nested/chained-variables Datasource Variable breaks when using with a parent Repeat Variable

Question / Issue: Trying to use chained-variables as Datasource(s) in a repeating Panel or Row.

Context: I have 2 variables:
$site: Custom var with a number of sites.
$site_prometheus: Datasource variable, that should be “chained” to $site.

The goal is to have a repeating Panel or Row, that repeates over $site and updated $site_prometheus



How & What are you trying to achieve?
To create a repeating panel over $site, that chained-variable $site_prometheus updated accordingly. Like so:

  • What happened?
    But it’s not working as expected. The $site_prometheus will not change based on $site. Instead it stays the same, on all panels.

  • What did you expect to happen?
    I expected that each repeating panel’s $site → will update the $site_prometheus. As a chained-variables.

Anything obvious that I’m doing wrong?