Need help with a basic grafana prometheus qry

my prometheus entries are like :
my_jobs{jobId=“116”,numNodes=“10”,ni_wkly=“NIGHTLY”,lh_wh="LH”,date=“2023-11-23”,wlsize=“H10T”,csv_prq_avro=“LHA”,qid=“q01”} 58.53104075

i need a linegraph for each qid
the wlsize and csv_prq_avro can be made variables to choose/filter.
the field date, is also the prometheus timestamp of the entry.

being a beginner, am finding it hard to come up with a graph. can you please help with a starter qry and i shall build upon it further.

currentluy, am doing this :
but it is showing each entry as one series… ie, i get as many qid series as many entries.