Need Help to Download Database CSV Data using Grafana (not averaged data available through inspect)

Hello, many of our users would like to download the original database data records after finding appropriate date ranges on Grafana. The CSV files that you can download from Grafana using Inspect → data are averaged and are usually (or never?) the original data.

Grafana Data Exporter looks great and perfect for this use, but does not work with 7.xx or 8.xx Grafana:

How have other folks figured this out? Opensource or commercial solutions are fine, just hoping to stay with the amazing Grafana visualizations…

How is the raw unformatted data retrieved from inspect different from the db data?

As I understand it, the inspect does not download the original data for example, a particular date range a graph shows, because a graph actually is plotting averaged data. So the inspect function downloads the averaged data that Grafana is visualizing.
I believe any graph only displays 500 points, so it is often not the actual raw data.

I would love to be wrong on this…

What is the original data source used for grafana? Why would users want to download that data from grafana?