Need help in data transformation in table panel

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Hi team,
Currently we are trying to create table panel with below type of data:

| ResourceId | ResourceType | Region | CompliantStatus | ConfigRuleName |
Resource1 s3bucket eu-central-1 Compliant ConfigRule1
Resource2 s3bucket eu-central-1 Compliant ConfigRule2
Resource1 s3bucket eu-central-1 NonCompliant ConfigRule2
Resource1 s3bucket eu-central-1 Compliant ConfigRule3

we are expecting table to show below aggregated data
ResourceId, ResourceType, Region, CompliantStatus
Resource1 s3bucket eu-central-1 Compliant
Resource2 s3bucket eu-central-1 NonCompliant

Important point to consider here If resource2 has two CompliantStatus (complaint and noncompliant) then it should combine the data and should display only one record with noncompliant status


~ the grafana team

So basically, it should eliminate compliant stat rows and only show non compliants stats rows?

Below is my requirement
1: If same resource has both compliant and noncompliant records, then it should display non-compliant records only and should not display compliant records for same resource.
2: If same resource has only non-complaint records, then only show one records for same resource with non-complaint status.
2: If same resource has only complaint records, then only show one records for same resource with complaint status.

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Waiting for your response