Mysql table : is it possible to use a max(datetime) as a unique information in a panel?


A table is like this :
| server_name | connected_number | datetime |
server_namei s the primary key
A process regularly updates this table, several hundreds of servers once, by a insert .. on duplicate update ..
All the rows updated have the same datetime value, its represents the update time. This is used to remove previous rows with prior datetime values when they exist. How can i display this unique value just one time (as a legend?) in the panel representing the 2 colums server_name and connected_number ? this is a way to know that data are up to date.

What kind of visualization are you using? What will be represented on the x axis?

The visualization is simple, it’s just a table with 2 columns :
| server_name | connected_number |

| vm1 | 12 |

| vm7 | 101 |
| etc …

I just would like to add the information “Updated at : 2022/12/05 13:50:02” near or in the title of the panel. This value is the unique value of all the rows decribed in my question.

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  1. Create a variable

  2. Use that variable in the title

Great, thank you @yosiasz I must leave I will test tomorrow morning.

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Sorry @yosiasz no time, next week sure!

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