Mysql table : filter on several columns by values


I see here MySQL | Grafana documentation that I can add a form field linked to my panel with __searchFilter
So I try this query :
SELECT ti, system_name, hypervisor_name FROM logicals WHERE function = 'database' and hypervisor_name like '$__searchFilter'
but it does not work
how can add a ‘hypervisor’ form field ?
ans system_name too ?

Do you have a dashboard variable for searching?


If you could share a screen shot

Thank you for you answer @yosiasz no and I woul like to have


ah gotcha. Which visualization plugin are you using there.

Oh sorry @yosiasz I didn’t see that, yes the switch was off.
I can now filter all columns, so i remove the useless and hypervisor_name like '$__searchFilter'(without knowing its usage)
Thank you very much !

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