Multiple Orgs with Anonymous Access and Google oauth

Question 1.

I have 2 Organizations, one is configured for anonymous login called ‘Public’. This works fine, any users that isn’t logged in can view the default dashboards.

The second Org I have is setup to use Google Auth, so the user can come in, log in and see the second Org just fine.

The question I have, is it possible to allow users from Org2 to have access to Public? Right now we have this weird pattern where the user has to log out in order to see public and ideally I’d like to map the same Google Auth access to grant users at least Viewer role on the Public role. It’s not exactly user friendly to have a user login and have less permissions on the Public Org.

Question 2

One approach I was trying to take is to switch the Google Auth to use Generic OAuth which I’m having some issues with but the main motivation was the configurable field named allowed_organizations.

I’m curious does that refer to Grafana Organization, or the SSO provider Orgs? I’m asking because I noticed that Github has that supported, but Google doesn’t. Github has an Org concept that in theory you could auth against, so I’m curious if the field doesn’t do what I was hoping it does.

Any Help would be appreciated