Multiple instances of Grafana useing same data

Can i run multiple instances of Grafana OSS (using different configuration files) using the same Dashboards and data sources (stored in MariaDB or PostgreSQL) ?

I want to have one instance accessible from the internal network requiring username and password (admin) while the external one required 2fa authentication via keycloak (reader).

Btw, changes only from internal network and i only have 3 users in total (2 external and one internal)


Sure, you can. But I would expect many problems with concurrent access to DB and configs.

What is a problem to use OIDC (Keycloak) for everyone?
I would say that you can have authentication flow, where you can require MFA based on user IP (e. g. intranet IP won’t have MFA, others will have MFA required).
MFA is standard, so it won’t hurt to have MFA for everyone anyway.

Thanks jangara,
the ting is that keycloak does not support different auth by ip out of the box. There are extensions on github for that but i would like to use the standard distribution for that really small environment.