Multi-Dimensional Alerting Is Hot Garbage Or Maybe I Am Dumb

Hi! :wave: Yes that’s what I mean, when you changed name to interface you also resolved the conflict between the label called name from the InfluxDB query and the custom label called name at the same time.

As you can see, “name” is now “interface”. Et voila, multi-dimensional alerts work like they should.

In order to get the alerts to work, all I changed was the tag i was grouping by in the first query of the alert rule.

Ohhhhhhh…I get it now. Use of name as a tag in the alert rule query conflicts with use of name as a custom label in the alert rule notifications section.

FWIW i have now changed the name label to rulename (i have no imagination) and have gone back to using name as a tag in the query, and it still works. So “one or the other, but not both” :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, @georgerobinson , for your help and patience. I will mark the solution.


Yes! InfluxDB tags become labels if I am not mistaken.

You also don’t need to add rulename as a custom label as Grafana adds a similar label to all alerts called alertname that inherits the name of the rule. In this case alertname will be bw util in > 50% (test 2). However, if having rulename makes routing simpler then feel free to keep it :slight_smile:

Thanks again, @georgerobinson :slight_smile: