MSSQL Query Syntax Difference for '' Version 9.2.0 vs 9.1.15

I had a few SQL queries break when upgrading from Grafana 9.1.15 to 9.2.0. This was happening in each query that included double single quotes. In SQL, ‘’ can be used for a blank string or to escape a single quote inside of a string. See example below and results in each version of Grafana. For 9.2.0, is there documentation for Grafana’s escaped characters in SQL for Grafana? Anyone with a newer version of Grafana, what syntax works for you?

Here is the query I was trying for a test:
SELECT REPLACE(‘Test’, ‘T’, ‘’) ‘text_Column0’, ’ Te’‘st’ ‘Test_Column1’

Query in Azure Data Studio

Query in Grafana 9.1.15

Query in Grafana 9.2.0

""Error in Grafana 9.2.0**

It sounds like an issue that should be raised via the Grafana Github page.