MSSQL Login Failure: invalid character \"\\\\\" in host name

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Grafana: 8.1.2 (upgraded from 6.*)

Attempting to establish database connection using SQL server authentication.

Connection was fine with previous version. Now the Grafana error log reports the following issue with the connection.

error=“access denied: parse “http://X.X.X.X\\SQLEXPRESS”: invalid character “\\\\\” in host name”

The issue is that I have not specified this many slashes.

I have attempted changing the slash direction and that errors out with “db query error: lookup X.
X.X.X/SQLEXPRESS: no such host”
Specifying port 0 or the possible MSSQL ports do not help.

The MSSQL server was reset after the Grafana version upgrade to see if that would help.

Any ideas on how to resolve this connection issue would be greatly appreciated.


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