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So my goal is to create panel plugin that is just a simple button that on click sand MQTT massage to broker. Because I am total beginner I started by modifying grafana-clock-panel. I made changes in /dist/module.html (i changed clock display to button and added some java script code.) Code that I added was same as here:

Problem that I have is how to us library for MQTT (in this case mqttws31.js). If I am doing this wrong pleas correct me.

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You will have to include the mqttws31.js file in the src directory. Create a sub directory called libs (or something similar) copy the js file in there and then import it like this in your controller:

import * as mqtt from './libs/mqttws31';

Here are some examples from other plugins: Worldmap, D3Gauge, Diagram panel

P.S. You should not be making your changes in the dist folder - that’s for generated (transpiled) code. I wrote a blog post about writing the Clock plugin that describes how to build it:

There is also some documentation on plugin development.

It is a great idea. Do you have any progres in creation of MQTT client plugin?

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thanks for bringing this up! We’ve conducted some research around that topic and found others are looking into the same direction.

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