Move\Migrate Grafana

Hi, I want to migrate a grafana installation (v 5.3.4) to a new server.
Is there a guide\docs or best practices to move grafana (without losing data,plugins, configurations, dashboard, datasource, …) from an old server to a newer?

Old Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04
New Server OS: Debian 9.6.0

Thanks !


I didn’t find any good doc about it.
I only find this:

Maybe this topic might help you:

If it does not work let us know again.

ok. thx.
I will carry out the migration and give feedback.


Hi, it works.


  1. Install new instance of Grafana
  2. Install used plugin on new server
  3. Stop Grafana service on source and destination server
  4. Copy /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db from old to new server
  5. Check /etc/grafana/grafana.ini
  6. Restart Grafana
  7. Regular connection to the grafana url
  8. Dashboard, datasource, users, psw, team,… are the same

Great !
thanks. bye.


Just wanted to say that it’s still working in 2021 with grafana 8.x!


I can confirm. Just upgrade from 7.3.3 to 8.0.1 without issues this way!


What about Grafana license.Will it work ?

Er, what licence?

Grafana is licensed under GNU AGPL 3.



I am using Grafana Enterprise.i want to move my grafana from current environment to a different Environment.
i just want to know the the license will work or not?

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