Monitoring workstations on grafana

I am monitoring a variety of metrics for some software over several hundred computers. I can identify potential problems in the graphs but I don’t know what workstation the problem is associated with. Is it possible to hover over a graph plotting a metric and list all the workstations associated with a data point? If not, I am open to other solutions. However, the dream is to be able to look at the graphs, identify problems and solve them on the appropriate workstation without the workstation users submitting tickets.

So without understanding how your data is organized or what constitutes a problem that needs to be addressed, here is how I would approach this…

  1. Create a query(ies) that aggregates the variable you are interested in (let’s say CPU utilization) for hundreds of computers every minute.
  2. Let’s assume a ‘problem’ is when CPU utilization reaches 85%.
  3. Create an alert that shows only those computers which have 85% CPU utilization, or make a query and display in a table for (i.e. a list of the computers that meet this criteria, time/date observed, etc.).

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