Missing support for Async Cascader - Search not working properly

I am developping a Datasource Plugin, and in the QueryEditor, I want to use Cascaders to display asynchronous data.

First of all, I was suprised by the fact that the Select component has a AsyncSelect equivalent, but the Cascader does not. Cascaders do not have a LoadOptions attribute, they only have a options attribute expecting a CascaderOption array (not a Promise).

If I initialize a CascadeOption array with default values (“Base options”) and then push new values fetched asynchronously to the list (“Async Options”), everything seems to work fine : I can see and select the Base and the Async options.

However, the search does not work on the Async options : I can only search for the Base options values.
My guess is that the flattened array of options used for the search is computed at the initialisation, before the Async options are fetched and pushed to the options array.

The Base options are assigned to the option array at initialisation :

cascaderOptions: CascaderOption[] = [
    { label: 'Base Option', value: 'Base Option' } 

The Async options are added in the QueryEditor constructor :

constructor(input: any) {
setCascaderOptions = async () => {
    // simulate the fetch
    let asyncOptions = await new Promise<CascaderOption[]>(resolve =>{
      setTimeout(() => {
        resolve([{ label: 'Async Option', value: 'Async Option' }]);
      }, 100);

The Cascader and both values displayed & working properly

The search working on the Base Option, and not working on the Async Option

Is there any support for Asynchronous Cascaders ?
Also, I have tried to implement the search myself but I haven’t found any attribute allowing me to get the string input of the search (like the onChange attribute of AsyncSelect does).