Missing Data points - how to debug

First Setup of a dashboard with multiple data point - works great 98% of time – then will have 20 minutes of no data then self heals.
Obviously something erroring in data collection/post … but not sure how to debug.

PYTHON=>ORACLEDB => INFLUXDB [via telegraf calling python script]

All my POST commands in /var/log/influxdb/influxd.log have status 204
All my GET commands in /var/log/influxdb/influxd.log have status 200

Dont see any errors.

Thin I worked ou its a data issue due to 1 DB being down
Cant grafana skip the ERROR and load the other data points though so only 1 region fails to load ?

oracle_wait_sessions,host=hspleddb02.hsn.net,db=b2bprodsw wait_value=7
oracle_wait_sessions,host=hspleddb02.hsn.net,db=bch1prodsw wait_value=9

oracle_wait_sessions,host=hspleddb02.hsn.net,db=bobjprodsw wait_value=5
oracle_wait_sessions,host=hspleddb02.hsn.net,db=DBAPRODSW wait_value=5
oracle_wait_sessions,host=hspleddb02.hsn.net,db=ibmxmdbsw wait_value=5