Minimum Software Requirements for an Air Gap System

What is the minimum system requirements that need to be installed for an air gap system? When I run the grafana server executable the command window appears but then freezes on [32mlogger<-[0m=http.server <-[32maddress<-[0m= <-[32mprotocol<-[0m=http <-[32msubUrl<-[0m= <-[32msocket<-[0m=

I am using the browser IE 8.0.7601.17514 on a windows 7 box. I do not get any errors when I run the same setup on another box with similar settings but is connected to the network that has an internet connection. I believe my issue is that the grafana page is looking for dependent software or plugin that is not installed. The machine I would like to use grafana on is air gaped so anything that is dependent needs to be installed via sneaker net.

When I got to the url http://localhost:8080 the url changes to localhost url/login but the grafana home page does not load and I get the following errors.

Expected identifier
app.6aa12092d3333cb24394.js char:3101 URI: http://localhost:8080/public/build/app.6aa12092d3333cb24394.js