Min, max, avg doesn't calculated at a panel and are not visible

Hello Everyone!

It seems strange but avg, min, max, current value at legend are doesn’t work at some panels but work at other.

Here there is no avg. min. max

But here we have everything works well:

I don’t understand what is the difference…

Small addition:

It seems that there is a some kind of difference between Measurements at InfluxDB and InternetServers allows aggregation but the rest doesn’t.

What can be wrong?

The measurements at Influx looks the same…

Dig a little bit deeper and it turned out that ‘value’ field at the wrong measurement is String (the normal one is float):

The question is - how come? And how to convert it back :slight_smile:

Did a very simple thing - dropped ‘wrong’ measurements and feed information from the beginning. It start to work.

The problem was at NodeRed side that took values from MQTT as String and puts it to Influx as String also.