Metrics Query | Insert HTML into field

I want to run a query against my database and would like to have a specific image (icon) displayed in the table cell. I am new to SQL and am trying to determine how I might set this up using a standard table panel.

I want to iterate over all rows in the table and display an image (icon) based on the value of a cell. This is what I have set up so far and it works when I check “sanitize HTML” in the column styles tab within the table settings. I am aware that this will only output the same image in all cells within the column.

select '<img src="IMAGE_URL" />' as item FROM myTable where status_code = 1

Now I need to modify this to return different HTML tags based on the various codes that will get returned. I have this set up as follows but am not getting the images output.

 SELECT status_id
    WHEN status_id = 1 THEN '<img src="IMAGE_URL1" />'
    WHEN status_id = 2 THEN '<img src="IMAGE_URL2" />'
    WHEN status_id = 3 THEN '<img src="IMAGE_URL3" />'
    ELSE 0
  AS "Utilities"
FROM myTable

Am I even going about this the right way or is there a better method to achieve this?

UPDATE: SOLVED The above example did work as expected the issue was in the database. I was using INT for the status_id and since I am using HTML to insert into the table (set to a string and sanitizing HTML) that was not compatible with INT, so updating DB column to be character_varying solved the problem.