Metric Queries for AppDynamics

Hi All,

As per the below link, I can use the queries to fetch values to variables as in the table.

AppDynamics data source for Grafana | Grafana Enterprise plugins documentation

Query Description
Applications All Applications
AppName.BusinessTransactions All Business Transactions for the Application Name
AppName.Tiers All Tiers for the Application Name
AppName.Nodes All Nodes for the Application Name
AppName.TierName.BusinessTransactions All Business Transactions for a specific Tier
AppName.TierName.Nodes All Nodes for a specific Tier
AppName.Path. Any metric Path can be specified
SELECT column from table An analytics ADQL query

But from the above table only ‘Applications’ is working. I could not get use the other queries.

No data I am getting.

Here I am expecting the list of Servers. But I am not getting it.

Could you please let me know, how can I use AppDynamics query in my Variables? I could not find further examples. Thanks.

Did you grant the required permissions?

Create a role and user for the data source in AppDynamics

The data source needs view access to Account, Applications, Databases, and Analytics.

If you do not want to use an existing user, create a user:

  1. Navigate to the AppDynamics Administration settings.
  2. From the Roles tab, select the + button to create a new role, such as grafana_readonly. The Create Role section is displayed.
  3. From the Account tab, add the permission View Business Flow.
  4. From the Applications tab, check the View box to allow Grafana to view application data.
  5. From the Databases tab, check the View box to allow Grafana to view database data
  6. From the Analytics tab, check the Can view data from all Applications box to allow Grafana to view application analytics data
  7. From the Users tab of the Administration page, create a new user, such as grafana. Assign the new user (or a Group to which the user belongs) to the role you just created (e.g. grafana_readonly)