Method to convert miliseconds to duration

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I’m looking for a (build-in?) method that converts a number in miliseconds to a human readable duration like “2h 30m” or “46m”. I see other core plugins do that too, so i checked the API Reference but only found the parseDuration method, which seems to do the exact opposite.

Please give me a hint.


The easiest is probably dateTime which uses momentjs.
There is also the builtin Date.

const milliseconds =;

const grafanaDate = dateTime(milliseconds).toString(); // Uses (Basically the same as dateTimeAsMoment)
const builtInDate = new Date(milliseconds).toString(); //
console.log(grafanaDate); // Thu Apr 07 2022 08:14:44 GMT+0200
console.log(builtInDate); //Thu Apr 07 2022 08:14:44 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)

const formattedDate = dateTime(milliseconds).format('DD/MM/YY');
console.log(formattedDate); // 07/04/22
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Thank you for your message @zuperzee! But that don’t really answers my question. I would like to have a duration and not a date in human readable format.

Found the solution. I use the humanize() method from moment now:

`moment.duration(value as number).humanize();`

Without a second parameter the unit defaults to miliseconds.