Merging Infinity and cloudwatch alarm datasource in Grafana

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We are trying to build dashboard for monitoring our center performance using Geomap plugin. We have two different data sources,

  1. Infinity datasource - This contains center coordinates and address and this is used to plot centers on map.
  2. Cloudwatch alarm - This data source has alarm metrics from cloud watch.

We wanted to change all center color based on number of alarms we get. For this tried all available transformations on the data source, but it’s not helpful.

Support required

How do we calculate number of alarms in CW data source and if it’s crossing threshold need to create new field in infinity data source and update value to ‘ALARM’

Can you suggest me how do I achieve this visualization

Welcome @sudhakarmanju

What is the key that joins these two disparate systems?

Hello yogiasz

there is no common key b/w two data sources. Based on number of alarm rows in one data source, we wanted to create new column in other data source and update value

So how would you correlate new york city lon/lat with the cloud watch count for that location?

Can you share some sample data from both

Example if we have more than 3 alarms at any point then turn all the center colors to amber and if more than 6 alarms turn all the center colors to red.

Need support on ways to calculate number of rows in cloud watch alarm data source and then write/update a column value in center details table that can be referenced in value mapping to set color.

Are you also trying to map this coloring with geomap?

Yes, infinity data source is the source for mapping centres on geo map based on langtitude and latitude info and set to green color by default. And based on alarm condition we wanted to change color of centers plotted on geo map.

@sudhakarmanju @sudhakarcd

Are you the same dude?

You still have not answered this

So how would you correlate new york city lon/lat with the cloud watch count for that location?

Can you share some sample data from both

Yes it’s me.

Cloud watch count is not center specific, it’s centralized. Cloud watch count needs to be calculated and applied to all center. I.e

  1. Calculate count number of rows in cloudwatch alarm and based on number,
  2. Create a column in center details table and update values to green/amber/red for all center

CloudWatch Alarm table

Center table

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Hello @yosiasz

any thoughts on this visualization?

i was not able to do it neither in the geomap plugin nor in the orchestra city plugin.

there is a Style setting based on a field value but cant seem to find it, that might be the route to go


Is this achievable from Grafana Cloud Pro? Is there any additional transformation or options available to merge both the data sources as per our current use case