Massage template

Hi all,
i want to create custome massage template that get sends to a contact point,
i want to set massage to flock channel there are two filed i want in massage 1.clientid and 2.jobid how can i set custome massage to flock channel. can anyone help me im new to setting up grafana alerting. i have gone through some docs but not able to understand. pls help

below is the screenshot the things i have tried.

also im not able to test contact point alerts gives me error: failed to send http request- status code 404

Hey @wrain36 ,

I’m not sure if this is the right way.

Can you configure the endpoint ( flock one) as a contact point webhook?

I believe there’s no need to define that in the template.

Once you configure the contact point, you can send test message / alert.

i have configure the contact point type with webhook url but when i send test message/alert getting this error.