Manually Enable Plugin Disabled


I have installed snuids-trafficlights-panel and made a simple css change to it to match our needs.

On logs the plugin is being disabled by grafana due to this change.
lvl=warn msg=“Plugin file checksum does not match signature checksum” plugin=snuids-trafficlights-panel path=/var/lib/grafana/plugins/snuids-trafficlights-panel/css/trafficlight-panel.css

I tried to use this option on grafana.ini

Enter a comma-separated list of plugin identifiers to identify plugins to load even if they are unsigned. Plugins with modified signatures are never loaded.

allow_loading_unsigned_plugins = “snuids-trafficlights-panel”

And restarting Grafana after it, but plugin remains disable and logs displaying the same message.

Is there something I am missing or can do in order to make this plugin work?


@itsvig this is happening because your code changes are impacting the file checksum, which no longer matches the plugin signature checksum

I think you might have to fork, rebuild, and sign this plugin under a different name to bypass this issue

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