Maintenance complete! Instructions for our k6 users to login

:tada: Announcement: The merge is complete! Welcome our k6 community members! You can access the k6 categories here, along with all previous questions asked and answered on the k6 community forums.

:lock: k6 users logging in for the first time: If you don’t have a account, you can create one using the same email address that you used in the k6 community forum. Next, activate the account using the emailed link and log back into the forum. Your user will keep its data from the k6 forum. More details on this blog post.

If you already have a account that uses the same email address for both forums, your accounts are already merged and ready to use!

:interrobang: While we did our best to test for any issues with the migration, we know issues can pop up unexpectedly. If you are running into any issues or things seem off, please reach out to us at or slack us at #help-grafana-community-forum.