Mail user quotas as gauges

I am trying to visualize the user mail qoutas through Grafana. I am pulling from a Zabbix data source and get two results for each user{user} and mail.utilization{user}. I can manually make individual users graph, but since the number of users and the users themselves can change, I am looking at something dynamically. I am not entirely sure how to go about doing calculations based on regex, if that is at all the way to go?
Alternatively the two series could be pulled into two different queries, but how do I then bring them together and do math operations on the pairs?
Sorry I this is not explained clearly, but I am relatively new to Grafana.
Thanks in advance

Hi @thomasalbech and welcome to Grafana! :grafana: :sunglasses:

I think that two additional things could really help the community help you: some screenshots of your queries and graphs, and then maybe the panel’s data using the panel --> inspect --> data --> data options --> formatted data workflow?

CleanShot 2021-09-29 at 11.20.28