Lookup xxxx:no such host error on MSSQL datasource save


I am not able to add MS SQL datasource to grafana server.
Receiving “lookup xxxx:no such host error”.
I am able to connect to the SQL server from the Grafana server using same connection string via sqlcmd.
Error in Grafana log is following:
lvl=info msg=“Request Completed” logger=context userId=1 orgId=1 uname=admin method=POST path=/api/tsdb/query status=400 remote_addr=xxxxxx time_ms=53 size=251 referer=https://xxxxxxx/datasources/edit/56/

Grafana version 7.0.3
MSSQL version 2019 Enterprise

Please advice

Is “xxxx” (or “xxxxxx”) a hostname or an IP address?

If it’s a hostname, does it resolve to the correct IP address if you use one
of the following commands on the Grafana server:

host xxxxxx
ping -c 1 xxxxxx
nslookup xxxxxx

If it’s an IP address, what do you get from:

ping -c5 xxxxxx
traceroute xxxxxx



Thank you Antony,

xxxx is FQDN of the server.
and is resolved to correct IP when host xxxx is called

host field is: {FQDN of the SQL server},{not standard port}

my mistake was to put “,” - comma between servername and the port, instead of putting “:” - colon

I think this is a nice illustration of how helpful it can be to specify
exactly what you’ve entered, as well as exactly what the result is, when
asking for assistance :slight_smile:

The format you used was not clear from your original posting…