Lookup table in table panel vs overrides

My setup:
Docker setup with a grafana 9.1.6 container and InfluxDB container as data source

What am I trying to achieve:

I have a signal that reports the status of a system, and a signal that reports an error or warning that this system reports if something is not correct.
I have a dashboard with a table panel listing all the errors/warnings that were reported in the last X time. But they are displayed as a number or a string which is less readable than the description of the signal itself.
What I want is to have a look-up table, as exists in excel/sheets.

Now, I know I can use overrides. and I can override the values. Its easy when there are only a few possible values (such as system status). But with the errors I might have about 200-300 options, or even more in the future.

I can generate a Panel JSON code that has all these options, so I don’t have to do it manually.
Is it the optimal way?

I saw that there is an alpha version of a transformation named “Field Lookup” but for the version I have its use is not very self explanatory and is based on the field name and not on the value.


What if tomorrow hypothetically 300 new options come in?

Then you would have to add them manually so that option is not optimal. Have another influx lookup bucket would be my approach.

What is the real pure source of these values?

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Hi Yosiasz,

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for my late reply.

I’ve implemented lookup buckets in influx as you’ve suggested.

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