Looking up additional labels from an infinity data source

Once I’ve got a working alert, is it possible to use an additional data source in the alert to attach an additional label or such? I have an Infinity source, but always appear to need to return a number of some form, even if my JSON returning API is just there to help convert a UUID to a identifier name to add to the alert. Is there any way to the the appropriate name for the UUID that’s alerting into the Labels list of the alert?


I’ve another use case here where through the same Infinity Datasource I can pull in a column of hosts with a matching status string. I want to (later on…) filter the alerts by this status, which I want to be listed as a label in the alert. So I have 200 hosts, 3 of which are firing alerts from an influxdb datasource query. How can the status from the matching hostname in the secondary query also become a label in the alert? I see no way to explicity cross relate them, or indeed ever to ANYTHING to make use of more than one query in an alert.